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Maintenance of Spray Gun

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Many enterprises have encountered this situation in the process of using automatic spraying machine. The spraying gun is blocked and cannot be sprayed. Many operators who don't know can continue using small things as soon as they want to be blocked. Of course, this is not good, not to mention that this will damage the spray gun, but also directly affect the spray effect.

To know that the spray gun of automatic spraying machine is also relatively fine, once blocked, the best way is to use a sparse foam, quickly rush with air pressure on the line, to know that no matter what kind of paint will solidify, just the length of time, we do not need the spray gun for the time being, we must put the spray gun muzzle into the paint. Face, prevent blockage of spray gun.

In addition, we need to clean the automatic spraying machine regularly. After using it every day, we not only need to clean the automatic spraying machine, but also clean the spraying gun. We can directly remove the gun cap and clean it. If we do not clean it, it may cause blockage, which directly affects the spraying effect of the automatic spraying machine.

The most common reason for blocking gun of automatic spraying machine is too long standing time. The most professional cleaning method is to use professional cleaning tools or immerse the gun head in absolute ethanol for an hour, then connect the air pump. If it is not blocked by paint, try soaking with hydrochloric acid.