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Company culture

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1.  Essence of GODN Culture:
Create a united and cooperative atmosphere, through honest and effective communication and never-ending learning, to build an aggressive team, and let each person in the team maximize their strengths, and then make Gaoding glorious.

2. GODN's goal:

2.1 The qualities that Gaoding people should possess:

Great Wisdom: Wisdom and Ability
Great virtue: humility, self-discipline, principle, perseverance, fearlessness, loyalty
2.2 Culture advocated by GODN:

GODN's motto: Waiting for opportunities is better than seizing them.
It is better to seize opportunities than to create them.
Enterprise Strategy: Quality, Innovation and Brand
Enterprise Spirit: unity, diligence and excellence.
Management policy: integrity, customer first, quality-oriented, the pursuit of excellence.
Business Policy: Take the domestic market as the cornerstone, and constantly open up the international market.
2.3 GODN people's pursuit:

We pursue to provide customers with high-quality equipment and perfect service in the field of furniture decoration machinery, relying on persistent efforts to become an excellent manufacturer of furniture decoration machinery industry.

3. Our Employees
Talents are the driving force of enterprise development. Respect for knowledge, talent and team spirit are the inherent conditions for our sustainable development. Elite and efficient teams are our greatest wealth.

4. Our Technology
We pay close attention to the latest developments in the field of furniture decoration, investigate the requirements of customers extensively, and independently develop practical products suitable for customers on the basis of absorbing advanced foreign technology, so that our mature high-quality products stand on the strength of the same field.

5. Our Interests
We adhere to the principle of honesty and truthfulness. We advocate the formation of a community of interests among customers, employees and partners. The growth of customers guarantees the development of the company, and the growth of the company makes it possible for individuals to realize their value.