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How to Solve the Problem of Spray Atomization

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Now the enterprise purchases automatic spraying machine is to liberate the painter from labor, thereby saving production costs. But if the spraying atomization effect of automatic spraying machine is not good, it will directly affect the quality of spraying, and if the product quality does not meet the standard, spraying must be done again. So what should we do if spray paint atomizes badly?

The quality of spray gun is the most important factor affecting the atomization degree of automatic spray paint machine, so we must choose a good spray gun. Then, besides the spray gun, we can make some adjustments to make the spray gun spray the best atomization effect.

First: Reasonable deployment of paint, generally guaranteed that the viscosity of paint in about 18 seconds, we often use things to pick up and pull under the water.

Secondly, to adjust the appropriate air pressure, we usually adjust the compressed air at the tail of the spray gun to the maximum and the air chamber to the middle of the pointer. Specific can be adjusted according to their own product process, really can not consult spraying equipment manufacturers.

Third: Control the flow of paint, this mainly depends on what kind of effect the product wants. Now the flow of paint in automatic spraying machine can be controlled, as long as we adjust it in advance.

Fourth: Control the distance between the spray gun and the workpiece and the speed of the spray gun.

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