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What should we pay attention to in the work of automatic spraying machine

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Auto Spraying Machine

Although science and technology are progressing continuously, technology is only meeting the applicable environment of spraying, but it can not change the characteristics of spraying. The best way to achieve high efficiency and high quality spraying work pieces is to use automatic spraying machine for spraying. Whether it is manual spraying or using automatic spraying machine for spraying, we need to follow the requirements of spraying on the working environment. What are the requirements of automatic spraying machine for the working environment?

Firstly, it is necessary to meet the requirements of constant temperature, humidity and clean air during the use of automatic spray paint machine. If these environmental requirements can not be guaranteed, it is impossible to ensure that there are no errors in the finished workpiece (spraying effect can not achieve satisfactory results). It may also lead to pinholes and orange peel in the paint film. Generally speaking, the temperature of spraying is room temperature, and the humidity is controlled below 80%.

Secondly, we should first improve the environmental conditions outside the production line, separate the grinding and cleaning processes from the spraying process, to control the amount of air dust, and avoid the dust generated during grinding into the spraying room of the production line, affecting the spraying effect. In addition, it is necessary to replace the air filter cloth regularly, which can effectively remove dust in the air, and also increase the exhaust fan to enter and ventilate.

Finally, we need to configure some devices for waste gas and waste residue treatment. Since the promulgation of the new environmental protection law in 2015, many small and medium-sized enterprises have produced unqualified environment, which not only pollutes the environment seriously, but also causes great harm to employees. In addition, it is necessary to select the fan and transport equipment that meet the noise requirements. It is best to set up sound-absorbing materials inside the painting workshop.

Make an environment that is good for products, good for employees. Only in this way we ensure the quality of products and get the support from employees.