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Drying machine



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Drying machine

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Jet Heating Tunnel PDM1300C

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1.Transport system

1.1 Transport belt is made of PU belt.

1.2 Feeding speed is adjusted by inverter, to meet different drying requirement.

1.3 Closed tunnel can save more energy.

1.4 Side entrance makes the work more convenient.

2. Air cycle system

2.1 Equipped with air heating and cycle system to fasten the air flow, make temperature even and fasten the volatilization of the paint thinner.

3. Heating system

3.1 Uniformly distributed hot air spraying nozzle makes the paint drying quickly

3.2 The volume of the box 120g/cm3 fand rock wool insulation board, the box body heat loss is not easy

3.3 Feeding speed, air temperature and air volume can be adjusted to meet different drying requirement.