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Drying machine



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Drying machine

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UV Drier UVDM1300

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Product characteristics:

1. It is suitable for wood materials. After drying, the surface hardness of the workpiece is improved, the wear resistance is good, the adhesion is strong and the gloss is good.

2. By using strong ultraviolet light curing technology and the characteristics of UV paint, the UV paint sprayed on the surface of workpiece can be cured quickly in a few seconds, which greatly shortens the production cycle of spraying.

3. The machine is equipped with 5 UV mercury lamp and 1 gallium lamp, which can quickly dry the surface and side of workpieces of different sizes. Special requirements can be customized according to the paint process.

4. Lighting tube can be controlled automatically and positioned accurately. The height and angle of the lamp tube can be adjusted arbitrarily. The lamp tube can be placed obliquely at 45 degrees. It can illuminate the workpiece from many sides and angles, thus achieving the drying effect of three-dimensional surface.

5. Equipped with cold air device, the service life of UV lamp tube and transformer is prolonged.

6. The shell is protected by integral steel plate, which effectively prevents the leakage of ultraviolet radiation.