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Finishing coating machine



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Finishing coating machine

Auto Spraying Machine (PU/AC/NC)

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- Reciprocators adopt servo control system. The max. speed can reach 100m/min. there are 2 reciprocators of each machine.

- Every reciprocator can equip 4 spraying guns and a relevant material-supply pump.

- The grating scanner at the entrance can measure the width of work piece to make the stroke of guns and turn on/off time more exact. And at the same time the waste is reduced.

- The spraying parameter is set by the operator on the industrial PC.

- Using PLC control system makes it a simple and intuitive instrument to see.

-  the alarm lamp on the cabinet, when the device is overrun or fault, it will give alarm.

-  Double filtering of the inlet air and closed spraying room make the air cleaner in the spraying room.

- The blower with large horse power is installed at the exit to fasten the paint reek flow in the painting room and reduce it staying time in the room.

- The filter replacement detection device

-  three parts including feeding detection section, paint reclaim and cleaning section,workpiece unloading section. The feeding belt is acid and alkali corrosion resistant and abrasion resistant. It is also with belt automatic deviation rectifying device and anti deviation mechanism.

-  paint reclaim and cleaning section uses an anti acid alkali resistant, corrosion resistant PE belt. and a set of paint recovery and belt cleaning mechanism is under the belt. 98% of the over-sprayed paint on the belt will automatically scrape into the oil bucket by the scraping paint system and wait for reuse.there are another two sets of steel rollers and scrapers to soak and re-scrap the belt. Ensure the belt is clean clean and pollution-free at the entrance. and It can be used again and again.