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CNC Spraying Line for door

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Production line characteristics

1. The production line consists of a horizontal CNC paint spraying machine for wooden doors, a double-sided jet hot air circulating dryer and a conveyor.

2. The whole line adopts pipeline automatic spraying to finish six-sided spraying of wooden doors at one time. The drying line adopts the principle of double-sided drying, which greatly shortens the drying period of paint and improves production efficiency, especially for water-based coatings.

3. The spraying system adopts five-axis spraying system, which drives five-axis spraying device through motion control system and servo drive system to achieve high-speed, stable and accurate spraying, and ensure spraying efficiency and quality.

4. Photoelectric detection system is equipped at the inlet and outlet of the spraying machine, which can effectively identify the shape and size of the workpiece, accurately transmit the signal of the workpiece to the CPU controller, control the spraying work of the spraying machine, and save the amount of paint.

5. The dryer is divided into multi-stage temperature control, each control section is equipped with a flow air circulation system, each group of fans can be independently switched, each control area can set a temperature separately, which can effectively utilize the heat source and achieve energy saving, and improve the drying efficiency.