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Auto Spraying Line

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Suitable for mass continuous surface spraying and drying of solid wood doors, cabinet doors, panel furniture, crafts, decorative panels, calcium silicate panels, glass and other panel workpieces


Production line characteristics:

(1) High efficiency: manual spraying about 50SQM per hour, equipment spraying about 150SQM per hour.

(2) Paint saving: Artificial spraying is about 0.22kg per square and machine spraying is about 0.12kg per square.

(3) Graded belt cleaning and paint recycling: six procedures of paint recycling, primary cleaning, intermediate cleaning, cloth roller cleaning, belt wiping and belt drying are adopted to ensure paint recovery and belt cleanliness.

The production line is energy-saving, practical and environmental. It can not only improve the production efficiency and product quality, but also improve the operating environment and save labor.

It is especially suitable for continuous and mass production. The design of production line can make the workpiece dry quickly and ensure the smooth surface of the paint.