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Why choose a door spraying machine?

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  Now there are more and more automation products appear in our life, automatic door, automatic car cloth, automatic vending machine...Products with high automation costs more, but why we still would like a automatic door spraying machine in the production?

  Firstly ,spraying machine can spray better, making the surface quality more flat and smooth.

  Socondly, cutting the cost. 1. Enen spraying reduce the usage quantity; Paint recycling system make the paint reused. 2.Compared with hiring spraying workers, you can get the cost back after 2 years usage of the machine. That means from the 3rd year, you will use the machine for free.

  Thirdly, high efficiency. The door spraying machine can spray 120-180 doors in 8 hours. It's quite suitable for the bulk spraying production.